Slowness - Shana
We believe in a slow life concept that transcends all areas of life.
Because not only is it important to be genuine and committed, we must also believe in and appreciate everything we do. The little things are often the most important and being accountable to everything that surrounds us will always have a positive return. Living life in the first person, appreciating every minute of trips, rediscovering the people who surround us every day... the slowness movement is much more than enjoying every moment, it’s an attitude towards life.
With our philosophy we aim to share our values with our community and be consistent and committed in everything we do. We highlight the importance of time with “Today is the day” because Friday's Project reminds us every day that Friday is there, and that happiness can be found every day of the year. Although Chronos meant linear time in ancient Greek, Kairos meant the time when something special happens, and that moment is what is called slow time.
Our collections are based on natural, organic and recycled fabrics, which not only add personality but help us reduce our environmental footprint.
We know that it's not necessary to have lots of garments to create different outfits, so we design just the right amount. They are high-quality garments that are built to last.